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HP Dental | Digital Impressions, Root Canals and Dental Cleanings


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HP Dental | Air Abrasion, Root Canals and Implant Restorations


Dr. Pyon is the best. She always looks out for what I would need to keep my teeth healthy. Very pleasant experience every time I visit. Highly professional and helpful staff at her office as well. I highly recommend Dr. Pyon’s office.

HP Dental | TMJ Disorders, Invisalign reg  and Digital Radiography


Dr. Pyon is gentle, efficient, and incredibly professional. Her office is very clean (i've been to a few offices that are not!) and she has great puzzle toys in the waiting area. She also responds promptly to follow up questions. Five stars!

HP Dental | TMJ Disorders, Invisalign reg  and Digital Radiography


Dr Pyon is amazing! I highly reccomend her for everything from basics to complex dentistry. I was referred to her when I had a dental crisis and she has ever since provided the highest level of care with incredible kindness.

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