Signs You May Need A Root Canal

Signs You May Need A Root Canal

Often times when patients experience discomfort or pain in their mouth, the ignore the issue until it is too late. This can lead to an infection inside the tooth, which is commonly known as a root canal. How can you know if you need a root canal treatment? Continue reading to learn the signs you may need a root canal and see when you should visit the dentist.

How do You Handle Dental Pain?

There is always a cause to every pain you experience in your body, and it is the same with your oral health. If you are feeling any discomfort or sensitivity to heat or cold, then we highly encourage you to visit your dentist to ensure an infection or decay is not prevalent. Getting to the root of a dental issue right away can help an individual to avoid treatments and costs later down the road. A root canal therapy is used to save a tooth and protect it from further damage.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Your dentist will focus on getting rid of any and all traces of infection, bacteria, and decay during a Root Canal Therapy. This is completed by drilling a small hole in the tooth’s enamel and then sealing it with the help of a temporary filling. After the healing process is finished, your dentist will place a permanent restoration that will strengthen the tooth.

Does Root Canal Therapy Hurt?

Our team will provide you with the needed anesthesia that will help to avoid pain and discomfort a patient may experience. Contact Dr. Heejoo Pyon’s dental office for more information regarding the treatments we offer or to set up your next consultation with a member of our staff.

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