Tooth Extraction in Midtown Manhattan

Tooth Extraction in Midtown Manhattan

Our expert Midtown Manhattan dentists will always do everything they can to treat inflammation, reduce discomfort, and perform restorative treatments to save your tooth and preserve its normal function. However, sometimes, the tooth cannot be saved and tooth extraction in Midtown Manhattan is recommended to prevent further spread of infection and alleviate pain. Dental extraction in Manhattan may become necessary when tooth decay was not treated early enough and it reached the nerve or when you break the tooth thus exposing the nerve.

When Do You Need a Tooth Extraction in Manhattan

No one enjoys the idea of having to go to a dentist or dental surgeon to get a tooth or wisdom teeth pulled – and we understand that. There are many of reasons why one of our expert Midtown Manhattan dentists may recommend a tooth extraction: advanced tooth decay and damage, gum disease, preparation for braces, or impacted wisdom teeth extraction.

Tooth Extractions in Midtown Manhattan

We will begin the tooth extraction procedure by applying local anesthetic, which will numb the area around the tooth to be removed. Once the area is fully numbed, the tooth or teeth can be extracted. Once the operation is complete, you may or may not need some stitches. The great thing is that recovery time from tooth extraction or wisdom teeth extraction is typically only a few days. There are also many things that you can do to speed up the tooth extraction recovery, such as rinsing your mouth with salt water and regularly replacing gauze.

If you have any questions about tooth extraction, socket preservation following extraction, or dental implant to replace the extracted tooth, please contact our Midtown Manhattan dental office for a free consultation.

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