Oral Cancer Screening In New York

Oral Cancer Screening In New York

One of the most important parts of exams is the portion in which Dr. Pyon thoroughly checks the neck, head, and mouth for oral cancer. Unfortunately, about two-thirds of oral cancer occur in the floor of the mouth and tongue, but can also occur in the upper or lower jaw, lips, gums, and lining of the cheeks. Oral cancer kills one American every hour of every day, and to not fall victim to this disease, early detection is imperative.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Oral Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

There are a few lifestyle factors that can result in you being more at risk for oral cancer. If you do fall into one of the following categories, it is imperative you keep up with oral cancer screenings in New York more diligently than the average person:

  • Smokers
  • Heavy alcohol drinkers
  • HPV infected

Symptoms and Warning Signs

Warning signs of this cancer include the following:

  • Red or white mouth patches in or behind the mouth
  • Mouth sores or ulcers that bleed easily and do not heal
  • Unexplained lump in the neck, throat, or floor of the mouth
  • Difficulty or discomfort chewing or swallowing
  • Pain and tenderness in teeth or gums
  • Change in the fit of dentures or partial dentures
  • Visible change in mouth tissue
  • Unpleasant sensations (pain, discomfort, numbness)
  • Diminished ability to perform normal functions such as opening the jaw, chewing, or swallowing
  • Unexplained swelling or fullness in the neck

Would you like to learn more about oral cancer? If you still have some questions, notice any warning signs on yourself or a family member, or if you want to get an oral cancer screening in New York as soon as possible, the office of Dr. Pyon in Midtown Manhattan, NY is open to see you. Give us a call to schedule an appointment, and we would love to meet or see you again!

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