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General Dentistry

General Dentistry services offered in Upper East Side, New York, NY

Providing exceptional oral health care is essential for Heejoo Pyon, DDS, at HP Dental in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York. From preventive teeth cleanings and dental exams to restorative fillings and root canal therapy, Dr. Pyon and her staff invest in advanced technology to ensure each patient has a comfortable, enjoyable experience at their practice. Call the clinic today or book an appointment online to learn more about general dentistry services.

General Dentistry Q&A

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry is your main form of dental care. As a general dentistry practice, HP Dental provides comprehensive preventive, restorative, and cosmetic care for ages four and up. Your dentist can diagnose, treat, and prevent a wide range of conditions, including tooth decay (cavities), gum disease, and fractured teeth.

What services are available in general dentistry?


HP Dental provides an array of general dentistry services at its state-of-the-art facility:

Dental exams


A dental exam is a thorough evaluation of your teeth, gums, and mouth. During this routine screening, your dentist checks for signs of cavities, tooth damage, and gum disease. They may also perform an oral cancer screening to find abnormal growths, lesions, or sores. Sometimes your dentist uses digital X-rays to check for deep decay or structural abnormalities.

Teeth cleanings


A teeth cleaning is a routine preventive treatment that removes plaque (a sticky type of bacteria) and tartar (hardened plaque) from your teeth. Your dentist begins by removing bacteria with special scraping tools. Next, they use an ultrasonic device to brush away any remaining bacteria. Before you leave, your dentist polishes your teeth for a smooth finish.

Dental fillings


Dental fillings are cavity treatments that restore the shape and size of a decayed tooth. After removing the decayed portion, your dentist fills the area with composite resin, metal, gold, or porcelain materials. The best material for you depends on the size of the cavity, the extent of the damage, and your budget and medical history.



Extractions involve removing a tooth from its socket. While usually a last resort, extractions are often necessary to treat severely decayed, damaged, impacted, or infected teeth. 

Root canals


A root canal is a restorative treatment that involves removing infected or inflamed pulp, a tissue that contains nerves and blood vessels, from the center of your tooth.

Periodontal therapy


Periodontal therapy refers to treatments for gum disease. Depending on the extent of the infection, your dentist may remove plaque and tartar through a process called scaling and root planing.


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