Dental Retainers in Midtown Manhattan

Dental Retainers in Midtown Manhattan

Dental retainers in Midtown Manhattan is an orthodontic device that should be custom-produced and used after dental braces are removed. Orthodontic retainers can be worn for years after the braces are gone and in some cases are required for an indefinite amount of time. Sometimes custom permanent dental retainers are the best course of action.

Who Needs Dental Retainers in Midtown Manhattan?

All patients are eligible for retainers as soon as their braces are removed. The dental retainers, if used correctly, help maintain the effects of braces while the gums get used to the teeth’s new position.

Orthodontic Retainer Options in Midtown Manhattan

There are currently four kinds of retainers in Midtown Manhattan that can be recommended to patients based on their circumstances, habits, and budgets:

  • Bonded retainers: These are sometimes known as fixed retainers and are wires that are permanently bonded to the incisors, not to be removed. These are most effective and appropriate in the cases where the patient’s aligned teeth are at risk of being reversed.
  • Zendura: These retainers are made with polymeric material, designed with the patient in mind as an invisible alternative to wire retainers.
  • Hawley: This is the most common retainer form, as it is made of metal that surrounds the entire row of teeth to keep them in place.
  • Essix: This is a vacuum formed retainer made of PVC material, aesthetically to the effect of Invisalign.

If you are receiving a removable retainer, however, Dr. Pyon will give you clear instructions as to how and when to use your new retainers.

If you need a replacement, need to be fitted for a retainer, or needing dental retainers in Manhattan, give our office a call, and we would be more than happy to help you on your journey to a lifetime of beautiful teeth.

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