Clear Braces In New York

Clear Braces In New York

In conjunction with over 10 years’ experience and her constant effort to offer her patients the latest and greatest in technology, Dr. Pyon offers her Midtown Manhattan, NY patients clear patients in the effort to give them a healthier and straighter smile.

It is no secret that the use of these braces not only starts you on the path to growing your self-confidence and better your outlook on the future but simultaneously cuts out the need for metal braces. This option proves to be best for adults that are interested in aligning their teeth. Getting alignment treatment later on in life doesn’t always lend itself to metal braces as they aren’t always met with acceptance in the workspace or amongst your peers. This proves no problem for Dr. Pyon as she is able to offer clear braces in New York.

Clear Braces in Options

With so many emerging technologies, it can often be hard to pick the best option for you, but we know that braces, whether metal or plastic, are great for our health. When you align your teeth, you make it harder for bacteria, tartar, or plaque to enter the nooks and crannies of your mouth, keeping you far away from gum disease or any other dental complications.

The two most common methods of clear alignment offered at our office are Invisalign and ClearCorrect. These two brands use virtually the exact same technology but can differ in price and quantity of trays. They both use special aligners to gradually straighten teeth over time, and these aligners are custom made to fit the mouth of the user. Without metal, these clear braces in New York have more sharp edges or wires that can aggravate the cheeks and gums.

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If you think you are the appropriate candidate for clear braces in New York and you have some more questions for Dr. Pyon and what she can do to beautify your smile, don’t hesitate to give our office a call. We would be more than happy to direct you on the right route to a healthier smile.


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