Preserving Your Jaw After Extraction: Socket Preservation

Preserving Your Jaw After Extraction: Socket Preservation

If you visit the dentist for an extraction, you may hear them talking about socket preservation or ridge augmentation. You may be puzzled as these terms seem completely unfamiliar. The socket preservation in NY 10022 is a procedure that will be recommended if you have had your tooth extracted. The bones holding your teeth need frequent use for maintaining their shape and size or else they can begin to recede as they are no longer in use.

When a tooth is extracted, it leaves behind a hole in the alveolar ridge bone and makes it vulnerable to shrinkage. In fact, some studies show that bone loss can be 50% during the first 12 months post extraction.

If you are thinking how does bone loss matter to you as you have already lost the tooth, you must know that without teeth and required bone structure, many unwanted oral health issues can occur.


Without adequate bone structure and teeth, the smile can begin to cave in that area and make you face appear old and dull. The skin may begin to look shrivelled over the period of time. Your smile will get impacted too.

Alignment Issues

Your teeth are always moving into open spaces. A hole on one side of your smile can lead to a severe shift of your teeth over time. It can affect your smile and you may need orthodontic treatment subsequently.

Implant Complications

The damaged and recessed bone often creates complications if you plan on getting dental implants for replacing the extracted tooth in the future.

So now you know why socket preservation is important. The preservation is done at the end of your extraction procedure. The dentist places a bone-grafting material into the socket and a collagen membrane on the top for encouraging bone growth in the area. Since the procedure can be done at the same time as extraction, there is no need for additional anesthesia. You can schedule a consultation with your dentist if you are planning an extraction soon to get more information on socket preservation and how it is done.

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