Getting Dental Implants? You May Want Socket Preservation as Well!

Getting Dental Implants? You May Want Socket Preservation as Well!

When a tooth falls out of your mouth, what are the first thoughts that run through your mind? Surely it must be panic. Dealing with a loose tooth can be a very complicated situation, but with the right combination of dental procedures, you can be ensured to solve the issue.

What Is Socket Preservation?

Socket preservation is another term for bone grafting. The purpose of this procedure is to allow the proper regrowth of the bone so that it can receive appropriate prosthetics. Socket preservation is necessary to secure a dental implant if the bone supporting the tooth is severely damaged.

Types Of Socket Preservation?

There are four types of socket preservation, each with their special purpose.

Autografts – Grafts that are crafted from the bones of the patient’s body.
Xenografts – Grafts that are received from bovine or porcelain donors
Allografts – A block of bone graft crafted from a cadaver
Alloplasts – Grafts that are made from synthetic materials

Why Is Socket Preservation Important

A dental implant cannot be properly installed if the bone in the space is weak or in an unstable condition. If installed under these conditions, the chances for implant failure are increased. Furthermore, the overall durability of a dental implant is reliant on the strength of the bone in the tooth socket. The bone is the foundation of a dental graft.

Another reason why bone grafting is important in a dental implant procedure is to ensure the stability of the surrounding teeth. There is a structure in the tooth known as the alveolar bone. These bones are the base covering the root of the tooth, thus anchoring and supporting the entire structure. Since implants were designed to stimulate bone growth, doctors try to prevent resorption as soon as possible to maintain the structural integrity of the other teeth.

What Are The Benefits of Socket Preservation

With bone grafting, you can be sure of an almost 100% chance of success. Your implants will also have an increased lifespan, so long as you take proper care of them and follow your doctor’s instructions.

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