Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth

Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth whitening are a cosmetic dentistry procedure which is performed for making your teeth whiter and removing any kind of discoloration and stains from the teeth. The discoloration or stains can’t be removed by simple brushing and flossing since they are attached to the enamel or dentin. The discoloration or stain can only be removed by a bleaching agent. Your regular toothpaste can’t help in getting whiter teeth as they consist of only fewer concentration of whitening compounds.

How to Whiten Teeth?

  • Take –home whitening kits

After the dentists near NY 10022 examine the severity of your stains, they offer a take-home whitening kit. If they feel that your stains or discoloration can be treated at home, they will give you the kit. The take-home kit comes with a custom-tray which has bleaching agent. The trays are supposed to be worn everyday for a specific amount of time as suggested by the dentist. However, the results are less effective than professional whitening.

  • In-office whitening

The professional tooth whitening is one of the best ways of teeth whitening which offers quick and long-term results. The dentist in Manhattan, NY makes use of a high-concentration bleaching agent which is placed on teeth. The procedure will offer effective results within an hour and you may receive teeth which are many shades brighter. Some dentists may also give take-home kits for further treatment.

Benefits of Professionally Whitening Teeth

The professional whitening procedures are very safe as only the dentist administers the whitening bleaches in high concentration which is used for treating the discoloration and stains effectively. In most of the cases, the professional whitening offers immediate results. Along with that, in the dental office, safety measures are observed which is not possible at home.

The dentist will make sure that your gums are not exposed to the bleaching agent as the bleaching agent can make your gums sensitive and painful. The dentist also examines your teeth before the whitening procedure so that he can offer a customized whitening treatment. The dentist will also suggest you ways to maintain your newly found whiter smile.

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