Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

To keep up with a profession that prides itself on how fast paced it is, dentists are constantly implementing the most advanced technology and the newest techniques. Dr. Pyon is no exception from that as she always maintains her office with a staff that can keep up with new techniques, and as for herself, she always makes sure to be continuously learning about and implementing for the benefit of her patients.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are just about exactly what they sound like! This set of small cameras are used inside of the mouth and can show you and the dentist parts unseen. To be more exact, Dr. Pyon uses this camera during more intense examinations in order to see parts of your mouth that may have been unavailable otherwise because of angles and grooves that are simply too hard to see with the naked eye. The cool part of intramural cameras is that the video images are shown on a screen close to the chair you’re being operated on so you can also see what’s going on inside your mouth.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are the best thing to happen to x-ray technology for your tooth in a long time. Traditional x-rays were printed on the specialized x-ray paper we’re all familiar with. Thanks to digital x-rays though, you and your dentist can see the images of your x-ray results on the screen of a computer, and they can even be manipulated to be seen more clearly or zoomed in.

Endoscope Microscope

These new and improved dental endoscopes are used to magnify, illuminate and even video record your dental exams. These tools, used by Dr. Pyon make her examination of your teeth even more thorough and comprehensive than previously available.

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